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Streetline’s Solutions

Streetline leverages machine-learning technology to deliver real-time parking availability and parking demand data accurately and reliably, on-and off-street, in demarcated and undemarcated zones, and within metered and unmetered areas using a technology-agnostic platform.

Real-time parking availability - on- and off-street

Motorists often can’t find open parking spaces after being routed to their destination. Streetline is the leader in solving this parking problem with accurate, real-time parking availability and policy, both on-and off-street.

Streetline technology provides real-time parking availability and policy to mobility apps, parking managers, private operators,  local merchants and OEMs. This information is accessed in three primary ways:

Guidance API

Real-time parking availability at your convenience

Streetline’s Guidance API enables the seamless integration of accurate, real-time parking availability and policy data in mobile apps, mobility platforms, dynamic messaging signs and other channels to provide motorists with up-to-date parking information at a minimal cost, if any. Information available includes real-time parking availability by block and real-time parking rates, hours, policies and restrictions.

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Real-time parking availability in the palm of your hand