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Find open parking spaces… and find your car later. Parker guides drivers to available parking spaces. No more circling.

  • Real time parking availability
  • Access rates, hours, addresses, and occupancy in real-time
  • Voice guidance to nearby parking
  • Pay for Parking via mobile payment partners
  • Filter by permit type (Student, Disabled placard, Electric vehicle)
  • Automatically remembers parking locations
  • Walking directions back to your car

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Real-time Parking Availability.


ParkerMap is a free service for city merchants that enables them to provide real-time parking information to their patrons. ParkerMap can be embedded on a merchant’s website and automatically updates with the latest parking information to ease shoppers’ planning process. No app necessary!

With information on more than 20,000 parking locations in our database, as well as real-time parking availability data for more than 30 cities. ParkerMap shows both on- and off-street parking options right from your website.

Whether you’re a merchant trying to bring customers to your establishment, a university managing an influx of visitors for the big game, or a city looking to reduce congestion downtown, letting motorists know where they can park is key.

ParkerMap Example


ParkSight Analytics™ provides you with 24/7 access to parking data for you to make data-driven decisions related to parking policy optimization & parking operations management. ParkSight is offered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis that can be accessed with a secure login credential via the web. It is built with an easy-to use and intuitive data dashboard featuring a suite of zoomable heat maps, charts, graphs and tables of Occupancy, Demand, Duration and Turnover data.

Data Filter Options:
  • Hourly data 24 hours a day
  • Custom Date Range – monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Specialty Areas – Downtown, Midtown, etc.
Data Access Options:
  • 24/7 access to view, analyze and export data
  • Export features include: PDFs, CSVs, Images

ParkSight Reporting

Reports are based on key metrics our customers use to make information-backed decisions and include insights such as average length of stay, enforcement actions, occupancy, parking sessions, potential violations, and turnover.

ParkSight Reporting

Guided Enforcement

Guided Enforcement is a mobile application that enables the City and its Enforcement team to improve compliance and achieve optimal turnover. Developed with and for Enforcement Officers, Guided Enforcement (GE) consists of a complete 4-step workflow that enables Management and Officers to optimize their Enforcement Operations.

  • Deploy Strategically: Identify high non compliant enforcement beats/areas
  • Increase Parking Turnover by up to 126%
  • Reduce Citations Contested by up to 37%
  • Increase Officer Productivity by up to 200%
  • Increase compliance by up to 19%
  • Manage effectively: Make data driven decisions for effective enforcement and productivity management.

Guided Enforcement helps you do more effective, efficient and fair enforcement

    Features of Guided Enforcement

    Timed enforcement offers cities and universities a better alternative to chalking: real-time technology. By tapping data from Streetline’s real-time sensor network, the new timed enforcement feature captures arrival times and digitally tracks overstays, eliminating the need for chalking.

    • Supports metered, time limit only, parking restricted, and no parking environments.
    • Map of current violations
    • List of spaces in violation, including arrival times
    • Disabled placard filter
    • Adjudication reporting shows turnover by date/space
    • Timed enforcement: no need for chalking


    ParkEdge™ is an easy-to-use self-publishing tool that enables public and private off-street parking to publish their parking garage and lot locations, space inventory, rates, hours, and availability in real-time. Over 26,000 off-street locations throughout North America are currently mapped in ParkEdge. ParkEdge locations are combined with Streetline’s on-street occupancy and then displayed in the Parker app and other apps that have the Streetline APIs. Let’s drivers know about all your locations and services!

    ParkEdge™ provides an entirely new way to reach motorists, maximize occupancy, and enhance facility operations. This solution does more than simply capture basic location and rate information. ParkEdge™ puts operators in control to manage and self-publish their rate and policy details, post real-time occupancy, offer reservations, and push special offers directly to motorists online and via the Parker™ app…within minutes.


    Connect with consumers looking for parking. With ParkEdge™, we do more than simply collect your parking information. We give you the ability to communicate, in real-time, with consumers and update your parking inventory.


    Stand out from the crowd. ParkEdge™ puts the power of advertising right at your fingertips. Determine the ad content, and launch and monitor the ads from one source.


    See all of your garages and lots together, on the web or on your phone. With ParkEdge™, claim, register, and oversee all your facilities in one place to make valuable analytical decisions.


    Better manage your parking operation. Whether you want to increase revenue, improve operations, boost guest satisfaction, park people faster or build new business, we have the tools to help develop your business goals.

    Streetline APIs & SDK

    ParkingData provides access to static data for more than 20,000 parking locations, and real-time parking space availability through two complementary APIs: ParkerData Basic and ParkingData Availability.

    • ParkingData Basic API – static parking information including facility location, rates, hours, and other policy details
    • ParkingData Availability API – real-time on- and off-street parking availability information
    • Enables parking data integration in apps, websites and dynamic messaging signs
    • Parking SDK in your app: Automatically detect parking events such as parking arrivals and departures
    • For details, contact info@streetline.com
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