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Smart parking improves the quality of life


Hours Saved


Miles Saved


Gallons Saved


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Comprehensive and Accurate Data

Streetline's Hybrid Smart Parking Platform combines a city's existing parking data with our solution to provide a unified view of real-time parking demand and city-wide parking guidance. Our system measures:

  • Occupancy
  • Turnover
  • Duration of Stay
  • Overstay Trends

Empowered with the Streetline solution, the city can now effectively facilitate sophisticated analyses, and the planning and implementation of custom Smart Parking Programs to achieve the city’s transportation and mobility goals.

Actionable Data

Streetline solutions have been instrumental in the effective facilitation of the planning and implementation of parking management programs in cities worldwide. Combining your data, our patented sensing technology, and over half a billion collected parking events in our machine-learning engine, we can help you optimize:

  • Parking Rates
  • Parking Policy Hours
  • Parking Policy Time Limit
  • Parking Asset Management (Disabled Placard Spaces, Loading/Red Zones, Commuter Lanes, EV and other Specialty Spaces)
  • Enforcement Planning and Resource Management
  • Multi-modal Transportation Hub Planning

Low-cost Data

Our solution begins with a single sensor or camera per block face to provide the city with continuous real-time parking occupancy data for the entire block.

Using our Hybrid Data platform, we aggregate additional parking data sources such as:

  • Mobile
  • Payments
  • Cameras
  • GPS

Leveraging our platform ability to analyze data sources, we are able to reduce infastructure and improve accuracy.

Who Smart Parking Helps


Optimize parking management, reduce congestion and gas emissions caused by the search for parking.

  • Increase Turnover
  • Improve Compliance
  • Optimize Price and Policy


Increase your business traffic by making it easy for your customers to find parking and get to your business faster.

  • More Business Traffic
  • Avoid Parking Frustration
  • Optimize Employee Parking


Parking made easy with real-time guidance to reduce the stress and unpredictability of finding a parking space.

  • Real-time Guidance
  • Save Time and Fuel
  • No More Circling


Build your solution with easy access to accurate and comprehensive on/off street parking data.

  • Powerful APIs
  • Valuable Parking Data
  • Guidance SDK
Live Parking Events

Our Solution

A Smart Parking system offering parking guidance to drivers and parking analytics with smart enforcement to cities.

Solutions Original
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Products & Services


Parker guides drivers to available parking spaces. No more circling


ParkerMap is any embeddable map that displays real-time parking availability near a specific address or business location


Parksight is a web-based analytics platform that provides access to historical parking occupancy reports to analyses and policy planning


Guided Enforcement is a tool that optimizes workforce management and enforcement operations


ParkEdge offers the ability to manage and communicate parking locations, policy, and occupancy levels.


Parking Data is our library of APIs and Parking SDK that officers developers access to Parking Data

Hybrid Data Sources

The Core


A single in-pavement sensor per block-face combined with Streetline’s proprietary analytics, provides continuous real-time parking occupancy data for the entire block. Whether it's a Streetline sensor or an existing sensor in your city, a single sensor per block face is the ONLY infrastructure required for our Smart Parking solution.


Streetline's image detection software can transform camera images into real time parking occupancy data. Our software can be implemented into your existing camera solutions so you can simultaneously use for parking detection and surveillance. The average camera can cover up to 100 parking spaces.

The Extensions


Streetline has developed a Parking SDK which turns smart phones into parking sensors that can provide parking data at no additional cost. The Parking SDK is part of our Parker app and can be embedded into any app which then automatically detects real time arrivals and departures.


Streetline converts historical and real-time automated number plate recognition (ANPR/LPR) readings into a complete occupancy data set. Our machine-learning capability accurately converts the sparse and inconsistent number plate readings into cohesive parking insights.


Using payment as a proxy for parking occupancy is dependent on motorist compliance and special parking permit regulations(ADA), so payment data alone cannot be used to determine occupancy accurately. Streetline has found a way to filter relevant payments and non-payments to create a more reliable data source.


With the widespread adoption of connected cars, Global Positioning Data (GPS) data in the vehicle can publish its real time parking behaviors. Streetline can also integrate GPS data from cars retrofitted with OBD-2 devices. Using cars as a source of data is highly accurate and will grow quickly in the coming years.


Streetline leverages Application Program Interfaces (API) to receive data from web sources, gates, non-Streetline sensors, etc. This additional parking data allows Streetline to leverage any and all parking-related data sources in the city.


The Streetline platform gathers data from diverse sources to provide cities with a unified view of the parking landscape. Partners such as parking enforcement authorities and merchants are tapped to contribute to this wealth of knowledge, creating a win-win situation for both the city and its citizens.

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