Enterprise Solutions: Corporations and Campuses

High-value people deserve high-value services and solutions.  Streetline provides the most accurate real-time parking availability and utilization data to enable global workplace efficiency and assist  parking/facility management to make better planning decisions and help employees, faculty, staff and visitors get parked faster.


Corporate Campus Challenges

  • Growing companies face parking demand that exceeds parking supply.
  • Employees that can’t find parking arrive to work late, lose productive work time and become frustrated.
  • Adding infrastructure is met with opposition from landlords at leased-office locations.

University Campus Challenges

  • Students and faculty find parking frustrating when they are unaware of pricing, policy and availability.
  • University parking departments need to generate revenue through active management of spaces.
  • Universities need the ability to manage the influx high parking demand during special events.

Streetline Solution

  • Accurate real-time parking availability can be displayed on dynamic messaging signs for guidance that routes employees, faculty, staff  and visitors directly to available parking, regardless of sensing technology preferences.
  • Trusted parking demand data can assist campus decision managers to make informed parking management decisions and optimize parking  pricing and parking permit issuance.
  • Infrastructure-less sensing solutions in corporate/campus apps offer a non-invasive sensing approach and provide origin/destination data that can be used to optimize commuter bus routing and carpool  planning.


  • Workability: More time is spent studying and working.
  • Efficiency: Optimized capacity and best allocation of existing infrastructure.
  • Mobility: More efficient intermodal trips and commuter programs.