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Integration options for developers.

Streetline helps developers overcome the complex processes of sourcing accurate real-time parking availability, policy and parking demand data for  location-based services. Our suite of developer solutions provide easy access to accurate and reliable parking and policy data to speed development and enable you to focus on your feature set.

Streetline provides multiple options for developers to integrate our services and data into apps and websites—

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Parking SDK
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Parking SDK Features: Identifies and reports parking arrival and departure events

  • Latitude/longitude
  • Address
  • Date/time
  • Origin/destination data
  • Users are anonymized

Parking SDK Benefits

  • Low cost, non-invasive access to real-time parking data
  • Localized and targeted alerts/notifications
  • Accelerated user adoption and use of host mobile apps
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Guidance API
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Guidance API Features: Provides real-time parking availability and policy on- and off-street. Data reported include the following:

  • Capacity
  • Space type
    • General
    • Motorcycles or bicycles
    • Electric vehicles
    • Disabled designation
    • Loading zones
  • Parking restrictions
    • No parking zones
    • Street cleaning hours
    • Permit requirements
  • Operational hours
  • Maximum duration
  • Parking rates and payment

Guidance API Benefits:

  • Seamless integration of accurate, real-time parking availability and policy data with location-based services and apps
  • Reliable availability data for routing and guidance services and apps
  • Reliable data for smart alerts related to parking restrictions – time limit, street sweeping, etc.
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ParkEdge API Features: Enables existing off-street parking operators to push real-time availability, pricing and policy into the Guidance API

ParkEdge API Benefits:

  • Easy, centralized and comprehensive access to on- and off-street parking data for clients, merchants and motorists
  • 360 degree view of parking availability for motorists
  • Improved demand-based pricing calculation because of integration off-street information
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Parker Map
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ParkerMap Features: Parking map local merchants can embed in web sites to provide their customers with parking information, including:

  • Real-time parking availability on- and off-street
  • Operational hours
  • Maximum duration
  • Parking rates and payment

ParkerMap Benefits:

  • Expanded audience for parking availability information
  • Potential for increased commerce among participating merchants
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