Transportation Apps And Synergizing Data

 These days there are apps for every purpose, including transportation. While there are many categories of transportation app, in three key areas apps are translating external data into key insights for travelers.  The first category includes route navigation apps like Parker, Streetline’s app. Navigation apps give GPS guidance to drivers to get them to their […]

Smart Parking and the Corporate Campus #5: Partnering With the Community

 Office parks can have a mixed reaction with the local community. The surrounding town likes to see more jobs and money flowing in when a new office park is built, or new rounds of hiring are announced. But local fears of gentrification, traffic and overcrowding can also be a factor. The biggest discontent comes when […]

The Happiest Cities in America and Smart Parking

 Recently the National Geographic Explorer released a list of 25 cities in the United States they have identified as the happiest cities. They identified 15 key metrics that they consider good proxies for the happiness of the residents there, and interviewed nearly 250,000 adults to find out which cities matched those metrics.  The three top […]

To Stripe or Not To Stripe? A New Study Overturns Established Wisdom on Demarcation

 A study conducted by Matt Darst at Conduent has taken a long hard look at the effects of demarcated and undemarcated, or “free flow” parking spaces, and reached some interesting conclusions.  It has been established wisdom since 2002 that when individual parking spaces on a city block are left unstriped, more cars can actually fit […]

St. Petersburg & Streetline Will Help Drivers Find Parking Spaces

                  City partners with Streetline to launch Parker™ in St. Petersburg, a Real-Time Parking Guidance App to Improve Access to the Edge District and Highlight Available Parking. St. Petersburg, Fla. – October 5, 2017 – Drivers in the Edge District of St. Petersburg will now be able […]

Streetline at ITS California

 This week Streetline, together with its parent company Kapsch, hosted a booth at the Intelligent Transportation Society of California’s 23rd annual conference and exposition. Streetline was able to highlight our smart parking services for cities and businesses, especially our unique hybrid parking availability service.  Kapsch showcased many different products, including their EcoTrafiX™ traffic management software […]

Attracting Amazon: How Smart Cities will host the next Amazon Headquarters

 Amazon’s recent announcement that they will build a 2nd Headquarters in another city in North America (outside Seattle), spending $5 billion to build a campus and creating 50,000 jobs, has started a frenzy among city leaders. Of course, Amazon isn’t looking to build just anywhere; they have a long list of requirements for the proper […]