Streetline at ITS California

 This week Streetline, together with its parent company Kapsch, hosted a booth at the Intelligent Transportation Society of California’s 23rd annual conference and exposition. Streetline was able to highlight our smart parking services for cities and businesses, especially our unique hybrid parking availability service.  Kapsch showcased many different products, including their EcoTrafiX™ traffic management software […]

Attracting Amazon: How Smart Cities will host the next Amazon Headquarters

 Amazon’s recent announcement that they will build a 2nd Headquarters in another city in North America (outside Seattle), spending $5 billion to build a campus and creating 50,000 jobs, has started a frenzy among city leaders. Of course, Amazon isn’t looking to build just anywhere; they have a long list of requirements for the proper […]

Smart Parking and the Corporate Campus #4: Employee Gamification

 In a previous post, we discussed how much employee tardiness cost companies. For a company with 1,000 employees and average wages, if every employee is late an average of 1 minute a day due to looking for parking, over a year that will cost the company $290,946 per average minute of tardiness. If a company […]

Smart Parking and the Corporate Campus #3: Asset Management

 Whether you are a facilities manager for a company that owns their own corporate campus, or a property manager of an office park with multiple leases, you have something in common: You are responsible for an incredibly valuable asset. Modern office buildings created to house large companies are worth many millions of dollars. If you’re […]

Sensor Quality and Reliability

 Here at Streetline a client recently asked us to replace some sensors from a competitor in one of their parking lots. As we examined the area in question, we found sensors less than a year old broken into pieces.  Retail-grade sensors without industrial reliability and with only a single sensing device require frequent replacement, which […]

Using Parking Occupancy to Discover and Retain Anchor Tenants

 Malls, shopping centers and mixed use developments are undergoing rapid changes in the US today. Traditionally, shopping centers would include an anchor tenant. An anchor tenant is usually the most prominently featured tenant. Their name is on top of the signage for the commercial property. According to Square Foot, traditional anchor tenants have taken up […]

San Carlos’ Access to Streetline Can Help the City Manage its Parking Transition

 San Carlos is a growing city in the San Francisco Bay Area peninsula, with good jobs and a high quality of life. As a recent article in the Daily Journal illustrates, that growth poses challenges that innovative governments can turn into opportunities. As more people chose to move to the “City of Good Living,” a […]

Smart Parking and the Corporate Campus #2: Environmental Sustainability and LEED Certification

 Many Corporations in the US are embracing a sustainable office as part of doing business in the modern world. Shareholders, customers, and employees all tend to reward a company that invests in sustainability, and one clear way to do that is to build, move to or retrofit a building so it is LEED certified. There […]