San Carlos’ Access to Streetline Can Help the City Manage its Parking Transition

 San Carlos is a growing city in the San Francisco Bay Area peninsula, with good jobs and a high quality of life. As a recent article in the Daily Journal illustrates, that growth poses challenges that innovative governments can turn into opportunities. As more people chose to move to the “City of Good Living,” a […]

Smart Parking and the Corporate Campus #2: Environmental Sustainability and LEED Certification

 Many Corporations in the US are embracing a sustainable office as part of doing business in the modern world. Shareholders, customers, and employees all tend to reward a company that invests in sustainability, and one clear way to do that is to build, move to or retrofit a building so it is LEED certified. There […]

Smart Parking and the Corporate Campus #1: The Productivity Cost

 Smart Parking doesn’t just benefit cities, merchants and motorists. It also benefits corporate offices in a number of ways. Today we’ll talk more about one of those ways: Employee time.  According to a national survey conducted by CareerBuilder, employee tardiness is on the rise. The single biggest cause for employee tardiness? Traffic, at 31% of […]

The On-Street Paradox for Retail Part 1: The Challenge

 When it comes to parking in retail districts, businesses have a loud voice with cities. They are well organized, and they are aware that parking policy and enforcement can directly affect their revenue, which in turn affects a city’s sales tax.  But businesses face competing desires for parking. Many people assume businesses want cheap on-street […]

Probability of a Full Blockface is More Useful than Average Occupancy, Study Finds

A recent White Paper on urban traffic and congestion has been released with some fascinating insights. Several researchers operating out of Seattle have used data from Seattle’s Department of Transportation and others to test out actual congestion in urban areas, and show that the probability of a blockface being full is a better metric for […]

CMU Professors Advocate for Smart Parking in Pittsburg

Their study shows demand-based pricing can increase revenue while lowering parking rates Published May 4th, 2017 Recently two professors at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, Mark Fichman and Stephen Spear, published an article in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette focused on the need for Smart Parking tools in Pittsburg. Mark Fichman is a professor of […]

Cities Need Better Data to Set Parking Minimums

A recent article from the Economist focuses on one of the challenges facing development in American Cities: Parking minimums.  As economic growth in the United States continues to be driven by our cities, new developments that both accelerate economic growth and keep the character and livability of the city in question are key. As parking […]

Oakland and Streetline Partner to Introduce Smart Parking That Benefits Residents And The Environment

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA- Oakland is leading the charge in providing innovative housing, transit, and community planning solutions to better serve its citizens and the environment. One of the biggest challenges that community planning faces in mixed used development is parking spaces, which are often limited and in high demand at many times of the day. An […]