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Streetline is the most experienced provider of smart parking solutions in the industry with 10 years of expertise and nearly 28,000 instrumented spaces across North America and Europe.

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Today, we have a fully integrated end-to-end solution including key partnerships with leading contributors in the smart parking ecosystem. Deployment of our solution is seamless – we take care of the entire process from installation to integration, so you can focus on bringing innovation to your city.

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We are often approached about the sanctioning of accessible spaces on the OSU campus,” said Gabriel Merrell, Senior Accessibility Associate and Deputy ADA Coordinator at Oregon State University. “With ParkSight 2.0, we are able to view the occupancy and turnover data quickly and easily, create reports, and provide utilization data to support the allocation of these spaces.

Customer – Parksight

This app is extremely useful for people going to large college campuses like I will be in the fall. It even lets you “park” and remembers where you parked your car! It is very helpful when you are looking for a parking spot or roaming through a sea of cars looking for yours.

Chris Stivers – Parker

We know we need to better manage our downtown parking spaces and use good data to make policy and operational decisions,” said Matt Bronson, Assistant City Manager at the City of San Mateo. “With applications such as ParkSight 2.0, we can run reports and share them with other members of our team to help manage our parking inventory most efficiently.

Customer – Parksight

As a restaurant owner, providing the highest quality service is always a top concern. Since finding parking can be a challenge in downtown Redwood City, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the area, any tips we can provide to customers is the type of top-notch service we pride ourselves on. Adding the ParkerMap to our website allows us to inform guests of the parking options near our building and how much they cost. It is a clear way to show where parking is available in relation to our location and it was simple to add to our website.

Basim Nimri, Owner, Mandaloun Restaurant – ParkerMap

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Our extensive parking network.

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  • Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in Transportation

  • Mashable’s Top City Parking Apps

  • IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year

  • ITS World Congress Hall of Fame

  • Global Cleantech 100


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