San Carlos

The City of San Carlos has successfully deployed the smart parking system in order to guide motorists to available parking spaces. Through real-time data and analytics, cities are finding that they generally don’t have a lack of available parking; drivers instead have the perception of scarcity due to a lack of information. By using Parker and ParkerMap, San Carlos boasts happier customers who avoid circling the downtown blocks in search of a parking space.

San Mateo

San Mateo utilizes Streetline’s smart parking system. By aggregating the sensor data as well as static garage and lot information, ParkerTM by Streetline, a real-time motorist guidance app, provides residents with hands-free voice navigation to guide drivers to open parking spaces.


The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) partnered with Streetline to give Parker to riders, so motorists could find available parking in lots. WMATA also gained convenient meter payment systems to make it easier for people to park and ride the train.


Oregon State University worked with Streetline to launch a smart parking solution including ParkSightTM, ParkEdgeTM, ParkerTM, and ParkerMapTM. Streetline and OSU identified and instrumented 75 ADA spaces in the heart of campus, serving 30 different buildings, with Streetline’s patent-pending vehicle detection sensors. This smart parking system now feeds real-time availability of the 75 ADA spaces.