San Carlos

The City of San Carlos has successfully deployed the smart parking system in order to guide motorists to available parking spaces. Through real-time data and analytics, cities are finding that they generally don’t have a lack of available parking; drivers instead have the perception of scarcity due to a lack of information. By using Parker and ParkerMap, San Carlos boasts happier customers who avoid circling the downtown blocks in search of a parking space.

San Mateo

San Mateo utilizes Streetline’s smart parking system. By aggregating the sensor data as well as static garage and lot information, ParkerTM by Streetline, a real-time motorist guidance app, provides residents with hands-free voice navigation to guide drivers to open parking spaces.


Oregon State University worked with Streetline to launch a smart parking solution including ParkSightTM, ParkEdgeTM, ParkerTM, and ParkerMapTM. Streetline and OSU identified and instrumented 75 ADA spaces in the heart of campus, serving 30 different buildings, with Streetline’s patent-pending vehicle detection sensors. This smart parking system now feeds real-time availability of the 75 ADA spaces.