The Streetline Solution

Streetline Platform

Our solution utilizes hardware data with software analysis to power smart parking applications with a continuous, comprehensive and accurate flow of occupancy data for effective parking policy decisions and parking guidance.

Data Collection

Hybrid Analytics Platform

Product Solutions

Hybrid Data Platform

Our Hybrid Smart Parking System deploys machine learning techniques to merge multiple data sources into a cohesive set of occupancy data for real-time parking guidance and analytics. The Hybrid Smart Parking System is the only system that fuses information from our core sensor solution with payment, ANPR/LPR, and other data sources to continuously learn and provide accurate parking trends in your city.The Hybrid approach has superior performance compared to single data source approaches.

Hybrid Smart Parking Platform

Our Hybrid Smart Parking approach begins with parking policy collection and installation of a single sensor per block-face. The sensor serves as our eyes on the ground to validate occupancy and provide a continuous flow of real-time data. Our Hybrid data then consumes any other existing parking data in your city to refine accuracy and provide a comprehensive city-wide view of parking utilization.

Product Solutions

Utilizing the comprehensive occupancy data generated from our Hybrid Platform, the City’s on and off-street parking assets can be managed efficiently, effectively and intuitively for the Residents, Visitors and Businesses.

We have refined a suite of mobile and web applications powered by our system that enables each key stakeholder in the parking ecosystem to benefit from our city-wide Smart Parking program.

Our Hybrid Smart Parking Platform

Accurate, Comprehensive, and Actionable Smart Parking Data.


Learn how we have reduced costs and
improved data accuracy.

Streetline’s Hybrid System improves parking data
accuracy and reduces your cost.

We have been able to reduce costs and improve data accuracy with our Hybrid data collection engine. We do this through several methods.

Sensor Reduction

In the Hybrid parking solution, Streetline determines parking occupancy with data sources other than in-pavement sensors, but Streetline then greatly accelerates data accuracy by installing one in-pavement sensor in each block face as a way to verify the accuracy of our system and ensure cities and citizens are getting highly accurate parking occupancy data.

Camera & Video

With recent advances in imaging technology, cameras are now able to scan further and in greater detail than ever before. Streetline realized that with the right software, the average camera could provide real-time data on up to 100 parking spaces and effectively improve enforcement also.


The Streetline platform gathers data from diverse sources to provide cities with a unified view of the parking landscape. Partners such as parking enforcement authorities and merchants are tapped to contribute to this wealth of knowledge, creating a win-win situation for both the city and its citizens.

Mobile Devices

To greatly expand the depth and breadth of smart parking coverage without expanding costs, Streetline has invented technology that uses a smart phone to determine when people arrive in and depart from parking spaces. Streetline technology converts smart phones into parking sensors.


With the widespread adoption of smartphone technology, drivers’ smartphones provide a wealth of information on their parking activities. Global Positional Data (GPS) is a key source of real-time data on how drivers interact with their environments. Streetline technology leverages this information to give parking officials an anonymous view of city streets.


Streetline has found a way to harvest the small portion of parking payment data that is highly correlated to parking occupancy and added only that pristine data to the Streetline Estimation Engine. Filtering the good data into our solutions is key Streetline strength.

Hybrid Data Sources

The Core


A single in-pavement sensor per block-face combined with Streetline’s proprietary analytics, provides continuous real-time parking occupancy data for the entire block. Whether it’s a Streetline sensor or an existing sensor in your city, a single sensor per block face is the ONLY infrastructure required for our Smart Parking solution.


Streetline’s image detection software can transform camera images into real-time parking occupancy data. Our software can be implemented into your existing camera solutions so you can simultaneously use for parking detection and surveillance. The average camera can cover up to 100 parking spaces.

The Extensions


Streetline has developed a Parking SDK which turns smart phones into parking sensors that can provide parking data at no additional cost. The Parking SDK is part of our Parker app and can be embedded into any app which then automatically detects real time arrivals and departures.


Streetline converts historical and real-time automated number plate recognition (ANPR/LPR) readings into a complete occupancy data set. Our machine-learning capability accurately converts the sparse and inconsistent number plate readings into cohesive parking insights.


Using payment as a proxy for parking occupancy is dependent on motorist compliance and special parking permit regulations(ADA), so payment data alone cannot be used to determine occupancy accurately. Streetline has found a way to filter relevant payments and non-payments to create a more reliable data source.


With the widespread adoption of connected cars, Global Positioning Data (GPS) data in the vehicle can publish its real time parking behaviors. Streetline can also integrate GPS data from cars retrofitted with OBD-2 devices. Using cars as a source of data is highly accurate and will grow quickly in the coming years.


Streetline leverages Application Program Interfaces (API) to receive data from web sources, gates, non-Streetline sensors, etc. This additional parking data allows Streetline to leverage any and all parking-related data sources in the city.


The Streetline platform gathers data from diverse sources to provide cities with a unified view of the parking landscape. Partners such as parking enforcement authorities and merchants are tapped to contribute to this wealth of knowledge, creating a win-win situation for both the city and its citizens.

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