Streetline and Clemson University Bring Smart Parking to Campus

Whether in the classroom or on the field, Clemson University is a hotbed of excellence, innovation, and activity. But being popular can also present challenges—especially when it comes to maximizing the University’s parking supply. To be clear, the challenge that motorists often face isn’t the lack of parking spaces. Instead, they just don’t know where to find open spaces. And that is exactly why the University implemented some of Streetline’s smart parking solutions.


Revolutionizing the parking experience

Did you know that simply looking for a parking space can add 10 percent to the average car’s CO2 emissions? Further, studies have found that approximately 60 percent of drivers abandon their search for parking. The increased demands on campus facilities have translated to a greater urgency to find smart facility management solutions.

Since 2013, Streetline has been a proud partner of Clemson University, providing real-time parking availability using sensors at over 250 parking meter spaces to assist all of Clemson’s parking customers find available parking—whether students, employees, or guests. Streetline has helped the University streamline parking by publishing real-time parking availability to the My.Clemson app and Parker, a free mobile app available on iOS and Android devices.

Clemson has also benefited immensely from ParkEdge, which provides an easy and seamless way to reach motorists, maximize occupancy, and enhance facility operations. In particular, ParkEdge helps the University manage off-street parking facilities by providing information such as lot name, address, hours of operation, policies, and rates to drivers via the My.Clemson and Parker apps.

Parking when and where you need it

Streetline’s solutions don’t just benefit motorists looking to park. Smart parking helps everyone by cutting down on congestion, reducing carbon emissions, and creating a safer, more pedestrian-friendly environment.

In recognition of the University’s efforts to streamline its parking and transportation services, Clemson received the Carolinas Parking Association 2015 Award of Excellence for most innovative, effective, and efficient operation.

“Clemson is one of the few universities to use smart phone apps on this large scale to improve parking. We are a proud customer of Streetline and are excited for new parking innovations to come in 2019 to provide the best transportation experience for students, faculty and alumni,” says Dan Hofmann, Clemson’s director of parking and transportation services.

The future of smart campuses and parking

Given the rise of the Internet of Things, smart technology solutions have brought the seemingly “impossible” much closer to the realms of possibility. Streetline’s technology makes the parking experience for consumers easier, while helping universities become more efficient and reduce their carbon footprint. Streetline’s solutions do more than simply capture and publish basic location and rate information. They help solve parking issues by delivering smart data while supporting Clemson’s Net-Zero goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030


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