Streetline Announces New Drop in Price for Corporate Campus Guidance

Streetline Announces New Drop in Price for Corporate Campus Guidance

As Streetline has installed smart parking solutions on numerous corporate campuses, its technology continues to improve, as we learn from every deployment how to more accurately and efficiently provide parking guidance.

Streetline is happy to announce they can accomplish parking guidance for 58% less on a corporate campus than we did just 3 years ago. A key driver of this change is the advent of parking detection through cameras. Rather than a single sensor detecting parking availability in every space, cameras can measure occupancy for a much larger number of spaces.

Depending on the viewing angle of the camera mount (often on top of light poles), cameras can see up to 35 spaces at a suitable angle, especially when supplemented by Streetline’s proprietary parking estimation engine.

“Our focus on machine learning has allowed us to greatly reduce the cost of providing guidance and analytics in parking lots” said Mark Noworolski, CTO of Streetline. “Now, observing only portions of these lots, either with our integrated camera solution, or our SaaS based camera image processing service allows us to power signage and analytics.”

Streetline’s camera technology lets us get parking data with the 90%+ accuracy that Streetline is known for, with the lowest possible price.