Amazon HQ2 Bidders Getting Secondary Benefits

  As we’ve discussed previously, Hundreds of major cities and towns have bid to host the next corporate headquarters for Amazon. Amazon has now narrowed the field to a shortlist of 20 cities, so most competitors know they are out of the running. But several cities are finding a consolation prize: According to CNN, Amazon is using these bids to select locations for smaller offices, fulfillment centers, and other holdings a company of its size needs.

  Amazon has already announced they will be opening offices in Vancouver with 3,000 new jobs, and a new fulfillment center in Birmingham with 1,500 new jobs. These facilities, while obviously not as desirable as the 50,000 jobs HQ2 will bring, are nevertheless valuable growth for their cities.

  Cities getting new offices like this have an opportunity to build on their successes by adapting their infrastructure with solutions like smart parking. They’re able to use smart parking and other smart cities technology to make their downtowns more convenient to access, which encourages young tech-friendly workers to move there. Smart parking also helps support mass transit, which can be very helpful for cities looking to support large companies at dedicated offices.

  As many cities use the HQ2 bidding process to assess their own competitiveness as a draw for business, they are re-examining their own plans for infrastructure, and that includes smart parking.