The Low Cost of Smart Parking in a Report on Smart Parking Technologies

  Recently a white paper on smart parking technologies was conducted at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lally School of Management, in partnership with the New York State Enterprise Corporation, a not-for-profit technology consulting company that advises corporations and government agencies amongst other things.

  Employees in the 70 to 80% of arrivals would normally drive up and down several lanes before they find an open space. It generally costs them at least 2 minutes of searching to locate parking.

  This study was conducted for the city of Sarasota, analyzing their smart parking technology options and what would be the best fit to help the city with their parking challenges.

  The study was an insightful look at some of the options available to the City of Saratoga to solve their parking problems. It highlighted Streetline’s cost advantages compared to some competitors, and the innovative nature of Streetline’s camera detection.

  Of course, the city of Sarasota made the smart choice, as you can read about here:

  You can also see Sarasota’s Parking Manager Mark Lyons discuss how to use and benefit from Streetline’s Parker App: