Emerging Trends in Parking, Transformative Technologies

Emerging Trends in Parking, Transformative Technologies

Last week we discussed some of the highlights of IPI’s Emerging Trends in Parking study. This week we’re zeroing in on findings about transformative tech.

According to the thousands of parking professionals surveyed by the International Parking Institute, the single biggest emerging trend in parking is the need for curb management strategies. Related to last week’s discussion of the huge impact mobility apps like Uber and Lyft are having on parking, is the idea that parking spaces are going to be used for drop-off areas far more commonly than ever before.

The next most widely recognized trend is the prevalence of mobile apps affecting parking. Whether those are parking space navigation apps like Parker, or meter payment apps changes the behavior of people using parking spaces.

The third largest trend is technologies that improve access and control for payment. Whether that is meter payment apps or smart screens in garages tied into parking sensors, these technologies are making revenue easier to gather for parking professionals.

The last trend to focus on is the demand for guidance to help drivers find parking. Apps like Parker that automatically route drivers to a currently available on street or off street parking space mean parking spaces can be filled more quickly, so existing parking spaces are used more efficiently.

What do these trends have in common? Curb management strategies are driven by new mobile applications like Uber and Lyft, while mobile applications also cover access and control technologies and guidance to parking spaces. All of these emerging technologies are about putting data into the hands of drivers, and connecting them to a mobility system that helps smooth out the inconveniences of travel. Parking professionals need to be prepared to supply data on their spaces, and they need to be ready to reap the rewards that that mobility data can provide them.