New Study Released on Emerging Trends in Parking

  The International Parking Institute just released its 2018 Emerging Trends in Parking survey. Every year, the IPI surveys thousands of parking professionals in the public and private sector to gather a comprehensive view of the state of the industry. There are some interesting trends appearing this year.

  When asked to name societal changes effecting parking this year Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are currently seen as the biggest change affecting parking, with 62% of respondents picking them. The challenge of riders being picked up and dropped off in non-traditional places is going to have a big impact in planning on-street parking, and an even bigger impact in garages and lots, which have often never had to deal with a mass transportation system directly before.

  Another big change is the way the parking professionals job is viewed by the rest of organizations. 60% of respondents, believe future parking professionals will be best described as a “Parking, transportation and mobility professional,” a more popular answer than all other choices combined. Being a parking manager will no longer just mean stripes. It will mean planning for where mobile apps are going to suggest people get dropped off. It will mean charging stations for electric cars, and setting policies to make sure those spaces are used effectively. It will mean coming up with ways that parking and drop off spaces are easily identified by autonomous vehicles. And above all, it will mean successfully integrating and deploying new technologies like smart parking.

  Next week we will take a look at what the survey reveals on new technologies.