Electric Buses and Smart Parking

  In the smart city space, there’s been a lot of focus on how smart vehicles and electric cars are changing urban mobility. Another topic that deserves more consideration is electric buses. It’s a topic that deserves consideration. By 2025, half of the city buses on the road worldwide will be electric, according to Bloomberg. Major US cities like New York and Los Angeles are planning to convert to all electric bus fleets down the line.

  Recently Metro Magazine published a useful guide on planning for the infrastructure of a fleet of electric buses. It had a lot of useful advice on things like how to plan out the RFPs for various projects, but one key element is that new charging stations will need to be built. Elements of the technology are still being worked out, but depending on the distance buses can go without a charge, routes may need to change. That means planning out a new bus line, bus stations and the parking around it.

  As cities plan out new bus routes to take advantage of the full capabilities of electric buses, smart city leaders will seize this opportunity. Smart parking as part of bus routes and other mass transit programs, like light rail, means that parking spaces and bus stops can co-exist if coordinated properly. It also means smart technology can help warn bus drivers and others if someone is parked in a bus space when they shouldn’t be. As buses are modernized the spaces and parking that serves them should be as well.