Fully Automated Parking Garages, The Next Step in Parking

  This week in Oakland, CA, CityLift Parking and the Signature Development Group unveiled the Hive Parking Structure, as the first fully automated parking garage of its kind in the United States. The structure has a footprint of 1,600 square feet, the size of seven parking spaces. However, it is able to store up to 39 cars.

  According to Smart Cities Drive, the drivers arrive at the garage, pull into a waiting area and exit their vehicle. The car is then taken by a series of lifts and transporters into an available space, and drivers get a ticket. When drivers want their car back, they scan their ticket at a terminal, and the garage retrieves the car for them.

  The garage uses 69% less building materials per space than a typical parking garage, and is in the process of being certified by the US Green Building Council.

  This is a great example of modern parking garage owners making smart investments. Of course, not everyone can afford to build a brand new parking garage. But solutions like ParkEdge, which can use or function without infrastructure, depending on need, can be adapted to any existing parking garage. Garage owners can post and publish availability, and maintain real-time awareness of their inventory and performance, leading to better management of parking as an asset.