Smart Parking and the Corporate Campus #9: Smart Parking at the Regional Hub

  The pattern of office work continues to change. The universal model of commuting to one central office to work in a cubicle five days a week hasn’t been “universal” for decades, of course. An increasing number of people are working from home, and when they do come into the office, they often grab an available desk inside the open office environment at many corporate campuses today. But there’s another, newer shift happening: companies are building regional hubs, as reported in Area Development.

  As some companies move their headquarters from suburban office parks to downtown locations near mass transit hubs, many of their legacy employees are not prepared to move with them. Even new employees may find travel to and from the center of a major metro to be daunting on a daily basis if they live a significant distance. At the same time, not everyone’s living situation is conducive to working from home, and many teams feel like they benefit from personal meetings. The new trend involves workers working out of regional hubs in the suburbs, benefitting from an office environment and meeting with their immediate team members, and then heading into the main office when a meeting with larger groups is needed.

  Of course, this kind of multi-modal work style presents unique parking challenges. If large numbers of workers are going to come to the downtown office with limited parking on unpredictable days, and parking at regional hubs on other days, smart parking is needed more than ever so companies can analyze their parking data and build policies that work in the face of volatile demand. If large numbers of workers only come into the main office once every other week on random days, then workers will be less likely to have a preferred spot they can go to, and they will be more likely to circle parking lots looking for random spaces. Smart parking and smart signage can give those workers guidance to the nearest available space, and cut down on the scramble for spaces on days with all-hands meetings.

  As workplace patterns continue to evolve, workplace transportation and parking needs to evolve along with it.