Smart Parking and Traffic Congestion

Donald Shoup, a distinguished research professor in the department of urban planning for UCLA and one of the world’s foremost experts on parking, has recently pointed out that Los Angeles ranks as having the worst commute in the world.

  The LA commuter spends an average of 102 hours stuck in traffic every year. According the Global Traffic Scorecard, that cost equals $2,828 per capita and $19.2 Billion in lost economic productivity for the Los Angeles region.

  There are many mobility solutions that can help lessen this burden, and one of them is smart parking. Deployment of a smart parking guidance app like Parker to 100,000 people in LA, guiding a critical mass of people directly to parking rather than having them cruise for parking, would reduce vehicle hours on the road by 3,021,964 miles, and reduce vehicle hours travelled by 712,956.

  These benefits don’t just accrue to people who use the smart parking app, everyone else benefits with a less congested commute as well. Connected Mobility is one of the greatest challenges that cities in the 21st century must overcome, and smart parking is a key component of that.