Smart Parking and the Corporate Campus #8: Smart Parking at Corporate Park and Ride Lots

  Certain metros, like the Bay Area in California, have a really high cost of living. While tech company shuttles picking up employees in San Francisco and Oakland are well known at this point, what’s less well-known is that many tech employees live outside the Bay Area all together, in places where the cost of living is significantly lower.

  For those employees, some tech companies have purchased or leased parking lots where their employees can drive to, park at and ride a shuttle into work. This lets employees live in more affordable places like Santa Cruz and Sacramento areas, commute into work, and not have to drive multiple hours each way.

  Of course, this has a cost for employers. They need to lease or purchase land in the right area, set up the right shuttle schedule, and then manage additional parking spaces they now control. What is the occupancy rate of each lot, to justify the cost and expense of the program? Is high turnover or night-time occupancy an indicator that non-employees are using the premises? Is security provided so an employee’s car isn’t broken into?

  These are the kind of challenges that can be met with a smart parking solution like Streetline’s. Whether using ground-based sensors or cameras, a smart parking solution lets an employer maintain tight control of their property even if no one is on the premises for most of the day.