Reducing Single Occupancy Vehicle Commuting with Smart Parking

  A growing company needs more employees coming into its offices every day, and generally that means more people parking at its offices. Yet adding more parking spaces is extremely expensive, and often there isn’t even room on the campus for more parking.

  Unrestricted parking can pose additional challenges for a company. Often the surrounding community can voice concerns about the potential traffic and environmental challenges additional drivers commuting to work can create. In response, many responsible businesses have partnered with their local communities to reduce their share of Single Occupancy Vehicle commuters, employees driving to work alone in their cars.

  There are lots of tools that can help a company reduce the percentage of their employees who commute via SOV. One of them is smart parking. Reducing SOV is easier with policies that actively manage spaces, such as prioritizing carpoolers by giving them close parking spaces or reserving sections for visitors. If parking spaces on campus are monitored with technology, these policies receive much higher compliance and buy-in. That in turn encourages employees to look for responsible commute alternatives such as carpooling, mass transit, or making use of shuttle programs.

  Companies cannot actively reduce their share of Single Occupancy Vehicle commuters unless they actively manage their parking, and that requires a smart parking solution like Streetline.