Managing the facilities of a large organization is more than just keeping the institution and its parts functional. An office building, a courtyard, and a parking garage are all external-facing components of a company’s image that are presented to guests.

 Whether the people visiting a facility are employees, customers, investors, business partners, or journalists, it’s important that they be shown a clean, organized, professional space that they can have confidence in. While managing the image is obvious in some ways, such as regular cleaning and maintenance, a good parking control system is also important.

 If visitors arrive at your campus and are compelled to wander amidst multiple buildings and rows before they find parking, they feel they are in a disorganized facility. If cars are parked in the fire lane or obviously parked overnight, it sends a poor impression to everyone.

 On the other hand, a facility with smart parking, where futuristic variable messaging signs direct drivers to the nearest available space, and there are no cars out of place, makes all employees, visitors and guests feel like they are at a dynamic location, at an up and coming company that is both eager and meticulous in its planning. That’s the kind of image smart parking can bring to a company.