The city of Sarasota has partnered with Streetline to launch Parker™, a Parking Guidance App to Improve Mobility for Residents and Visitors by Highlighting Available Parking.

Sarasota Fla. – November 8, 2017 –Sarasota drivers can now find available on-street parking spaces, as well as the locations of parking garages and lots, using Parker™ by Streetline, a mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Sarasota’s use of the Streetline system also means merchants can publish available parking near their location on their websites and encourage more tourists to visit their stores. The city of Sarasota will receive detailed analytics to help it plan programs and set parking policies that enhance city mobility.

All of Sarasota will benefit from this partnership with Streetline. Real-time parking guidance will save motorists up to 1/3 of the time it takes to find parking. This will make the downtown more accessible and increase merchants’ business. Faster parking can also reduce carbon emissions in the city, reducing congestion, all while increasing pedestrian and cyclist safety.

“Sarasota is a destination for tourism from across the state and around the world. This can create congestion,” said Mark Lyons, Parking Division Manager. “Parker will help both visitors and residents park efficiently and help our economy grow.”

Some of the features of Streetline’s products include:

– For the motorist, Parker provides consumer guidance to open parking spaces near their destination. This saves them time and frustration in driving.
– For the merchant, parking availability and guidance on websites. ParkerMap lets downtown businesses promote parking around their stores and attract more visitors to the area.
– For the city, ParkSight’s customizable analytics, with current and historical data on parking occupancy, duration of stay and turnover, lets the city of Sarasota make smart policy decisions in its parking programs, leading to a more efficient transportation system.
-For garage and lot operators, ParkEdge allows them to publish their locations along with price, policy, and parking availability information. This information is displayed with on-street parking availability in Parker and ParkerMap.

Streetline’s system detects when spaces are available. That information is sent to Streetline’s space estimation engine, which in turn publishes that data to provide the location and availability of on-street spaces in real-time, as well as locations, rates, and hours of operation for garages and lots.

“Streetline is proud to partner with an innovative city like Sarasota,” said Streetline CEO Manny Krakaris. “They’re taking steps to proactively manage their parking and make the city work better for locals, merchants and visitors.”

Streetline’s parking solutions have been successfully implemented in a number of other cities including Ocala, Los Angeles and San Mateo, and coming soon to Oakland, St. Petersburg and Scottsdale.

About Streetline, Inc. Streetline’s mission is to make smart companies and communities a reality through a portfolio of machine-learning enabled detection technologies as well as web and mobile applications. As the leading global provider of Smart Parking solutions, Streetline’s pioneering technology connects citizens with critical information to improve the way they live and work, while making cities more efficient and lessening their environmental impact.

Streetline is part of the Kapsch Group and is headquartered in San Mateo, CA with Smart Parking deployments across the United States, Canada and Europe. The company was named one of Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in Transportation, and IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year.

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