As Amazon nears the end of its search for a second US headquarters, we already know a couple of things about what the new campus will be like from its announcements. Two key points stand out: That the headquarters will create 50,000 permanent jobs, and that Amazon wants to attract and retain top technical talent.

 The first point suggests that the Amazon wants its new campus to be huge. Amazon’s current headquarters is in Seattle (soon to be called “HQ1”), and it only has 40,000 employees in the entire city, according to the Seattle Times. That means the new campus will need to be many different buildings, with many different adjoining parking lots and garages to service them. Alternatively, Amazon could construct a few enormous parking structures and have shuttles ferry employees about, but either way that creates significant challenges to parking that can effect productivity. As we’ve previously shown, smart parking solutions like Streetline can help Amazon employees get to their desks earlier and save the company money.

 The second point suggests Amazon will want to create lots of perks and amenities to encourage its workforce of young technical professionals to move to wherever the new headquarters will be, and remain there when these in-demand employees get headhunted by rival tech company recruiters. A campus that aids in employee retention is one that creates a unique experience for employees and fosters a creative culture. Fancy cafeterias, dry cleaning and nap pods are part of that. Another way to make employees feel like working at HQ2 is special is by “gamifying” ordinary tasks like finding parking, as we’ve discussed before.

 Smart parking is becoming one of the key amenities of the corporate campus as companies look to efficiently manage their employees’ commute and encourage employee retention, and we can expect HQ2 to do no less.