This week Streetline, together with its parent company Kapsch, hosted a booth at the Intelligent Transportation Society of California’s 23rd annual conference and exposition. Streetline was able to highlight our smart parking services for cities and businesses, especially our unique hybrid parking availability service.

 Kapsch showcased many different products, including their EcoTrafiX™ traffic management software suite for integrated corridor management within cities, as well as DYNAC® traffic management software for highways, bridges and tunnels, and their work with connected vehicles. Kapsch and Streetline team members got to learn more about the latest developments in our respective products and clients, including some fascinating stuff the EcoTrafix team is doing in optimizing emergency response procedures with clients.

 Together Streetline and the rest of the Kapsch team were able to discuss the latest in parking and traffic technologies with hundreds of attendees, from municipal governments and transportation agencies to other members of the traffic technology industry, and even innovative thinkers in the systems management space.

 The event was a great success, not only for networking, but for learning about the cutting edge of parking and traffic technology. ITS events are happening in states across the country, and everyone should take the time to attend their local exposition if they want to stay at the forefront of the parking and traffic space.