In the United States, smart parking as an industry has been growing consistently for over a decade. Streetline was formed in 2005, and while we’ve personally partnered with over 50 cities, the industry as a whole has expanded enormously as well.

 However, smart parking has grown internationally at the same time. One particularly big growth market is China. According to Asia Today, the number of cars on the road has more than tripled in the last 8 years. Of course, that rapid growth in cars leads to a rapid increase in parking demand. Smart cities in China are looking internationally for best in breed solutions, even meeting with Streetline to explore how new cities can have their parking infrastructure optimized from the ground up. Smart parking companies are partnering with OEMs to measure parking data from all these new cars as well.

 Outside of Asia, smart parking is also racing ahead in the Middle East, where at least three separate parking expos will be held in the next two months, including the Smart Parking UAE expo. Streetline is excited to attend this expo, and we are looking forward to more international growth in the world of smart parking.