Oakland is leading the charge in providing innovative housing, transit, and community planning solutions to better serve its citizens and the environment.

One of the biggest challenges that community planning faces in mixed used development is parking spaces, which are often limited and in high demand at many times of the day. An efficient parking solution not only improves the viability of sustainable mixed use developments, but helps reduce emissions as part of Oakland’s leadership in the fight against climate change.

To help solve this challenge, Streetline and Oakland have partnered to optimize parking space utilization throughout the city.  This will begin in Downtown Oakland, Civic Center, Chinatown, and Montclair in early summer 2017. Streetline will provide motorists with real-time parking availability and guidance through the Parker app, as well as information on parking prices and time limits. Users will be able to find a parking spot more quickly and thus reduce their drive time and vehicle emissions.

For every 100,000 Parker app users, 3 Million less miles are driven and over 3 million less pounds of CO2 are released per year.

Streetline will also share anonymous parking utilization data with the city of Oakland so that Oakland can better plan to meet the immediate needs its citizens. With Streetline’s help, the city of Oakland can adjust meter rates and parking time limits to optimally serve local businesses, institutions, and the needs of citizenry.