When Streetline was approached by Kapsch TrafficCom AG with a purchase proposal in 2015, we saw a great opportunity for a partnership that would elevate our solution to a global scale. Germany-based Kapsch, is a leading provider of intelligent transportation systems in Europe – their core business is the development and installation of electronic toll collection systems for multi-lane free-flow traffic. Per our agreement, Streetline continues to operate independently on the West Coast, but our Hybrid Data Collection Platform extends Kapsch’s service offerings.

Synergistic Street-level Solutions

At Streetline, we saw that working with the Kapsch team we could develop a truly comprehensive solution for consumers’ transportation pain points. Data collected from tolls, highway traffic conditions, parking guidance, and analyzed via the Streetline Platform give city officials and Departments of Transportation the ability to take effective action in reducing highway and “last mile” traffic congestion.

Not only was our cloud platform a perfect fit with Kapsch’s end-to- end systems, their product mission reflects our own; both solutions are designed to benefit those living in overcrowded cities by increasing traffic safety, optimizing traffic flow, and reducing environmental pollution. Traffic congestion issues are commonplace in metropolis throughout the world, and this partnership is one step closer to easing the problem. As part of the Kapsch solutions, Streetline sales and support is now available in 41 countries.

In the words of Kapsch TrafficCom’s CEO, Georg Kapsch:

“Streetline’s industry-leading smart parking solutions are an ideal complement to Kapsch TrafficCom’s electronic toll collection and traffic management solutions introducing ‘whole trip’ efficiencies…Kapsch will integrate Streetline’s cutting-edge smart parking applications and data analytics with Kapsch’s intelligent transportation system and world-class electronic toll collection and traffic management solutions to provide motorists with a better end-to- end transportation experience.” Stay tuned for our next blog to see what Streetline and Kapsch have in store for the future of Smart Parking!